Villa door of choose and buy skills and matters needing attention

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-10

qualified villa door of choose and buy, it is important to check the following:

1, the materials. High quality materials used in the villa door thickness, intensity and oxidation film, etc. , should be in accordance with the relevant standards of the provisions of the state, the wall thickness should be 1. 2 millimeter above, tensile strength of 157 n/mm2, yield strength of 108 n/mm2. If standard of short of above, belong to the inferior products, remember not to choose and buy oh.

2, villa door size

a door is the first door into his home, a door is also an important factor, the size of the general standard of into the door width 96 cm and 86 cm, of course, villa door wider corresponding to some, this is enough ambition! And also the size of the whole bedroom space coordinate. At present there are two of the most commonly used villa door size: 120 cm * 200 cm and 150 cm * 300 cm.

3, the processing technology. High quality villa door, fine processing, installation of exquisite, sealed performance is good, switch freely. Inferior villa door, blindly choose material and specification, processed and manufactured in order to curium cut replaces mill processing, not according to the requirements for installation, sealed performance is poor, switch does not freely, not only rain of air leak leakage phenomenon, and encounter blast and outside force, blow push-pull part easily fall or touch fall, destroy content cuts. You is when the choose and buy must observe the villa the processing technology of the door, who do not want to villa decorates grandeur and things go wrong on a door.

4, villa door frame of steel plate thickness

qualified steel plate thickness of door frame should be in more than 2 mm, the thickness of the door body generally in more than 20 mm, should check body weight, generally should be in more than 40 kg, and can be removed through the cat's eye, the bell box or lock handle and so on internal structure, check the hydrodynamic body steel plate thickness should be 1. 0 mm above, several root in strengthening reinforced, organically linked together before and after the door panel, enhance the overall strength of the body at the door. Door the body it is best to use which has the function of fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation materials as fillers. Consumers can also be opened and closed door check whether the door leaf is flexible and stable.

5, look at the price. In the general case, the high quality villa door because production costs are high, the price is much higher than the inferior villa door. Some of the wall thickness is only 0. 6 mm - - 0. Around 8 mm aluminum plate making villa door, tensile strength and yield strength is much lower than the relevant state standards. Use very insecure. Increasingly, in addition to the manufacturer of the villa door, some in order to reduce costs, cut corners, shoddy, the hidden trouble of the product is big, should not be commonly use. Now that you have enough economic strength to buy the villa, how in the entry door price calculation?

6, villa door locks check

qualified door commonly used by the Ministry of Public Security detection qualified special locks, anti-theft, at the same time in the locks should be 3. More than 0 mm thickness steel plate for protection. Now many special anti-theft lock are multiple locks, its advantage is not only the door lock, top and bottom rail can be inserted into the lock, opposite to the fixed, greatly increase the pry proof performance of the door.

villa door as in the first pass of the building, of course, the security performance is higher. So the door is also called the security door, upon the completion of most homes have installed a door, but small make up suggest, if economic conditions permit, you are best to yourself has grown two millimeters a quality of door of choose and buy, so as to ensure the safety of the family.

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