Villa clubhouse furniture customization design principles

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-11

with the development and progress of The Times, personalized customization has become a trend, various industries are. Furniture industry also gradually become a mainstream custom furniture, because it can meet the demand of different consumer's personality. If you want to customize a character in your home to live in, you'll need these custom principle to design the best for his or her character furniture oh, then we'll take a look at the villa clubhouse what furniture customization design is the principle!

1。 Understand customer requirements

by communication with customer, understand customer demand for the overall home design, detailed below

1) space layout intention: furniture category, location, etc.

(2) the function demand intention: furniture size, shape, ark type of internal structure, special function, etc.

(3) the product style and color intention: customers like the style, plate type and color, heaven, earth, walls, with the materials and color of the door cover, judge the color bias through customer ages

(4) the price intention: understand customer directly to the design space overall budget. Through building type, size, owner career indirectly understand customers' spending power.

2。 Mastery of household layout

overall household layout design should begin from the scientific point of view, try to be reasonable, convenience.

( 1) Porch

appropriate high unfavorable low ceiling; Virtual wall between interval should be under the real; The floor flat luster; Porch place puts appropriate is given priority to with the leaf evergreen plants; If in porch place on the mirror, not at the gate; Shoe put has exquisite, with five storey height is preferred, less than five layers, the visual effect.

( 2) Sitting room

functions should priorities, to the point; The living room try to smooth traffic and avoid inclined to wear; To ensure that the living room space relative concealment; Furniture to 'sit solid look empty'; Sitting room layout with spacious for the principle, the most important is the embodiment of comfortable feeling.

( 3) Restaurant

doors should not be on the table; Dining-room and kitchen is unfavorable to share one room; Table distance off the wall: not less than 800 mm.

( 4) The bedroom

the door can't see the head of a bed; The head of a bed is unfavorable for bedroom door; The bed against the wall, should not be kept below the window; Around the head of a bed is unfavorable and back on the toilet, the head of a bed and bed end not just flush the toilet door; The end of the bed not mirror; The bed cannot have beam.

( 5) The study

should not be open on the desk. should not block window; is unfavorable for window; is near the door; Should not be desk back against the door; should not be under the crossbar.

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