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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-21

villa knows that most villas have villa derma recreational chair, because of the large villa room, if furniture also will look the same, and recreational chair is best dash forward show individual character of furniture, villa derma recreational chair can highlight individual character not only, also used extensively, you can put it in the living room, also can put in the balcony, bedroom or study, take a look at below three classic leather recliners villa.

pp225 recreational chair: this villa derma recreational chair back by four hundred meters the halyard woven by hand, on the modelling is unique, with leather headrest and wool pads and stainless steel frame, simple and luxurious, both in the villa living room and balcony, is absolutely is striking. Size: 99 ( W) x120( D) x80( H) 。

ZARA Lounge Chair: this villa leather recliners adopts imported leather, 304 # stainless steel flat tube drawing feet, built-in high elastic sponge and wood frame, comfortable seating and full of modern industrial elements of it, put in the sitting room. Size: 72. 5 ( L) * 86 ( W) * 80 ( H)

the mustang deck chair: the mustang deck chair is a famous designer couple design that it was born in 1954, Iraq was couple design it to calculate the all person's posture, it put the perfect combination of modern industrial technology and traditional handicraft, became one of the most popular modern furniture. The mustang deck chair as America's most important museum of modern art MOMA's permanent collection, it can be said to be the most suitable villa villa derma recreational chair, both in study, the balcony, and the sitting room is very suitable. Size: 87 ( w) x92( d) x85( h)

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