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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

a lot of people because of don't know much about the office chair maintenance, adopted some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although looks clean the chair, but also the potential damage to the chair at the same time, time is long, the chair is problems. So, shenzhen office furniture factory to remind you, must pay attention to the maintenance of office chair.

use office chair notice: 1. When assembling, be careful not to task to the fingers. 2. Avoid close to the fire, the light point-blank or in damp environment. 3. Please do not put this product in climbing the fetch is not smooth, to prevent falling.

4。 Please use on flat ground. 5. Please note that when using child climb hanging chair, etc. 6. Use for a long time, please note that the screw loose natural phenomenon, avoid using sharp objects scratch office chair. 7. Avoid excessive use, to prevent slippery.

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