Use inferior home office has a security risk?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-01
A lot of companies are currently, office furniture is a company office necessities, requirements are increasing in recent years, the office furniture essence is being true and false, good goods so can be follow the production of relatively more, in the home market still has a lot of fake office furniture, use inferior home office has a security risk? A: small small manufacturing processing factory production out of the office furniture, not to mention the quality whether pass, small processing plants even basic safety certificate and production license certificate also have no, can go out of the office furniture manufacturing good where to go. Small processing plants in pursuit of perfect profit, there is no doubt that will not pass the raw materials, production out of the furniture according to the spectrum methods to carry out the market sales. 2: the application does not pass paint office furniture manufacturing process is undoubtedly will use the raw materials such as paint, building coating, but don't pass the paint, building coating deposition to the body skin, easy to cause allergic dermatitis and allergic symptoms. If there is obvious when buying office furniture smell excitant taste, besides a plank and solve not ready, the other cause bad smell is paint, architectural coatings, etc. Proposal don't need to purchase cost is low, the price difference is big office furniture, because the price is cheap, so the application of raw materials will have to pass, resulting in office furniture quality is unqualified. Three: counterfeit office furniture from benzene pollution of the environment in office furniture with harm steam feel free such as dimethyl benzene, toluene in gas, work environment if have benzene pollution of the environment, can lead to absorption and cornea stimulating, cause allergic dermatitis, conjunctivitis, asthma acute bronchitis and certain other conditions. High quality office furniture from raw material to avoid the benzene and natural production out of the furniture is not easy to contain benzene and other harmful gas, in order to health of body and mind, proposed to on custom office furniture manufacturer to purchase furniture.
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