Unreasonable design of the chair can lead to the waist has a pain in the neck

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-08

in the removal of sleep 16 hours a day, more than half the time we actually sit in. The common chairs, life is the one of a small amount of direct contact with the body large furniture, it looks plain and simple, actually design unreasonable, not comfortable chair will affect our healthy bones.

recently friends say with me: the weekend at home, watching TV, blowing air conditioning was quite comfortable comfortable, but when she get up from the chair, felt by the waist to the back and neck are not their own. 。 。 。 。 Acid comfortable.

secretly love her at the same time, from a professional point of view also came to the conclusion: it must be caused by the chair design is not reasonable.

as a chair, why do some can let a person feel comfortable relaxation, but some let a person feel ache all over, as if sitting on the I?

a comfortable chair should be like?

a comfortable chair no matter you are leaning, leaning, cross your legs and sit curled up or across the leg, it can give you a good support.

choose an ergonomic chair, even if not Beijing collapsed & throughout; , also can let a person produce pleasure. It should meet the following conditions of the five.

1. The head is more: more accord with human body at the top of the comfortable chair height of head, can let users cervical natural fit.

(2) the elbow more relaxed: armrest is more suitable for high elbow natural hung's point of view, will not have the feeling of his shoulders, hanging shoulder.

(more paste: deep seat cushion cover depth which can contain the body of the legs and hips, too deep or too shallow depth which will lead to the human body to produce fatigue.

(4) the waist support foot: some chairs design lacks the support of the waist, the user will naturally fall hips, scoliosis, and this is not easy to the health of the lumbar spine.

5. Back more break: people sit on the chair will not stand still, even if you sit very skewed, chair of the back pad is to be a very good support.

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