Understanding of modern furniture which style do you prefer

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

modern furniture is mainly divided into board type furniture and solid wood furniture. Board type furniture is concise and lively, trendy, flexible layout, the price is easy to choose, board type furniture is the mainstream of the market. Solid wood furniture refers to all panel materials again without processing of natural material, do not use any man-made board. The style of modern furniture is divided into five categories. Respectively is contemporary and contracted style furniture, postmodern style furniture, modern avant-garde style furniture, elegant modern furniture, modern Mediterranean style furniture. Detailed below.

first, contemporary and contracted style furniture of contemporary and contracted style is contracted decorate a style. Contracted style is now in the market the most one, mainly with concise, lively solid wood and plate material design.

second, post-modern style furniture modern style furniture, mainly through unconventional mixed dislocation, stacking, and techniques of fission, and symbol, metaphor, the breakthrough of traditional furniture and modern furniture single limitation, modern and classical, abstract and delicate, simple and such complicated cleverly combined into an organic whole. Postmodernism is the leader of fashion household furniture, urban the darling of the fashion, the tide of eternity!

third, modern avant-garde style furniture modern avant-garde style as much as possible in the design using new materials and new technology, to promote the structure characteristics of the character and interior space layout. Modern avant-garde style bold colors, explore the effect of sharp contrast, black and white contrast, or color collision. With the improving of the social science and technology and craft level, rely on new materials, new technology, more emphasis on the color.

4, refined, modern furniture

elegant style elegant style is the adornment style with strong cultural taste, it broke the modelling of modernist form and adornment gimmick, pay attention to the collocation of line and color coordination, against simplification; Being modeled, pay attention to the context, the pursuit of human and absorbing other art in the design theory of composition or natural science concept, the traditional artifacts by recombining appeared in the new situation, the pursuit of taste and harmonious color is tie-in, against the intense color contrast and heavy metal taste, tell from the style similar to postmodernism or neoclassicism. Elegant style of space layout is close to the modern style, and on the specific interface form, wiring method is close to the new classical; Space should pay attention to integral colour harmony. Elegant, pay attention to taste, emphasis on comfort, combines the characteristics of the ancient pass today. Elegant style applicable people elegant style is mature, steady, behavior, elegant, pursuing personal inner, high taste of the crowd. They like emotional appeal, natural disposition is gentle, mature consumption fashion.


the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean, the modern style furniture style more younger, more young people to pursue, Mediterranean style furniture style characteristic is attention on the combination of modern space collocation, choose natural soft on colour, make full use of every inch of space, integrating decoration and application.

the above understanding of modern furniture style is the most popular in the current home decoration household style, each kind of furniture style has its unique advantages, don't know which one do you prefer?

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