Traditional style material and conception of modern hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-13

the traditional style of modern hotel furniture practical artistic and ornamental and profound culture, the precious material occupies an important position. With the update of the modern furniture aesthetic concept, improvement and development of machining process, we may not be formality, also have to carry the traditional features, characteristics, style and culture connotation. Traditional style of modern hotel furniture with heavy practical and ornamental combining the evolution process. Read the category of furniture and furniture material culture, including wood in wet, hard corky suppress a hard and soft brittle, mechanism of grain variation, the collocation of color patterns, etc.

1, lumber as the main material

furniture first select material ingredient, processing timber, structure composition to the structure and form, with stable and grave as the foundation, with linear and tooth plate of the sculpture as a decoration.

2, the style of the traditional style of modern hotel furniture and style

traditional style style and the style of modern hotel furniture, especially of tang style, style of the song dynasty, Ming and qing style furniture. Refers to according to the model of traditional elements, have rich and colorful art architrave, protean art design, the furniture of plane and solid is to simplify the individual part or the whole, or according to the modern art idea, the innovation and development of ancient furniture art emotion, conform to the advanced technical characteristics and the aesthetic art of The Times.

the emergence of modern hotel furniture, traditional style is one of the Chinese national furniture culture reengineering process, innovation process, the development process. Of course, in the process, have a clueless high-grade furniture, also have shoddy, the phenomenon of fake and shoddy. Style furniture quality and style according to the aesthetic view of collectors and hobby for review.

3, how to take advantage of the region tree species for timber tree species in the region generally conveniently. People ask the cutting a tree, and exquisite folk: buy one inch thick, don't buy one ruler. And, take concone exactly, bottom empty only three feet.

folk buy wood, usually buy more trees. Is the stump coarse one inch more than one foot out of the material rate. Base, and with a tree out of material rate to calculate the number of timber building or furniture, as part of the economy. For example, building a house to buy trees, stumps logs as a main timber houses liang fang, saw cut short stumps and thick branches thin branches again finally saw wood for making furniture into 7 to 9 inches ( 30cm) After length, with the axe split in two and a half, to do the house two rubber tent in the middle of the plate, that's it.

4, traditional style of modern hotel furniture material

traditional style of modern hotel furniture material, precious timber is better. In general requirements, wood trim, and moderate strength, wood drying. Cabinet type selected more hard wood, chair stool class multi-select hard wood, a few high-grade timber frame class multiple-choice, handmade or machinery manufacture furniture must be reasonable structure, may not be out of shape.

5, the application of the paint material and improve the appearance of the paint material application technology processing structure of practical tools will be improved. Some traditional hotel furniture industry, specializing lacquer wood furniture, tyres, with wood lacquer ash, hemp paper ( Or hemp yarn) , table paste, layer upon layer of paint or Mosaic technology used for making furniture, etc. Lacquer wood furniture wood tire south more to Chinese fir, the north take willow to make more. Finish, and the deep development of wood furniture, including embedded technology and hotel furniture to the Chinese tradition and the style of a supreme ultimate height.

6, traditional style, size and proportion of modern hotel furniture, should be more reasonable

proportion and structure of the scale of the traditional style of modern hotel furniture design, perfect for years has been more reasonable, more beautiful, more scientific. However, mechanical processing technology and the way of selected ingredients in the furniture production process, some aspects and woodworking traditional arts and crafts furniture production and corresponding gap failed to solve. So, in the process of production must pay attention to the structure of the furniture sturdiness, don't just look at the surface of the sealed. Practicality will be fastidious, especially durable enough to withstand the test of time performance, decorative can in concise in to the beauty is generous.

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