To vigorously develop the green hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-07

green products refers to the use of green materials through the green design, green manufacturing and green packaging and production of a kind of energy saving, consumption reducing the pollution of the environment friendly product. According to the definition of green products, green hotel furniture connotation should be limited to gather wood or other non-polluting materials, in the process of manufacture and use will not harm human health and environmental pollution, product waste will not pollute the environment, and realize low energy consumption, easy disassembling decomposition parts and parts of zero is a kingdom and use.

green hotel furniture is beneficial to human body health and the human survival environment, will soon be known and loved by people, the development of green environmental protection furniture is the trend of The Times. In the process of development of green environmental protection furniture, should grasp the whole process of design, production and sales of furniture: design phase, considering the material of furniture, design, and environmental factors and pollution prevention measures of the green environmental protection furniture such as evaluation index, in order to realize the content of the green environmental protection furniture; Production stage, the production of human health, environment purification and how to save the labor, material and so on; Sales stage, the sales process to advocate green service, green means that product sales before and after sales service are responsible for the brand furniture.

the characteristics of the green hotel furniture:

1, the green environmental protection the tendency of hotel furniture material is natural and does not contain harmful substances, not cast the harmful gas, even if no longer use, also easy to recycle and reuse.

2, green hotel furniture auxiliary materials should be save energy, no pollution, easy to recycle.

3, the green hotel furniture design, production process, extend the product life cycle, as far as possible let furniture is more durable, and reduce energy consumption in the process of again.

4, green hotel furniture product design accord with human body engineering principle, reduce redundant functions, in the normal and abnormal use case, will not adversely affect and harm to human body.

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