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To understand the fir wood furniture of real wood furniture together

by:James Bond     2021-01-11
Furniture, is a never ending topic in our lives, good furniture can make us have a good home. With the improvement of social economy, people become more and more high to the requirement of furniture. So what is a good furniture? When it comes to brand solid wood furniture fir wood furniture, everyone should not unfamiliar, texture soft, tree section is more, this is our understanding of Chinese fir furniture more shallow. Next, small make up together with it to science the fir wood furniture knowledge: first of all, let us know the Chinese fir. Cunninghamia lanceolata, also known as ShaMu, trees, etc. , sancho gymnosperms, are unique to fast-growing China tree species, growth cycle is short, wood texture straight, uniform structure, become warped crack, light material toughening, moderate intensity, high quality factor. Chinese fir with fragrance, with 'Chinese fir brain', can insect-resistant corrosion resistance, easy processing, is widely used for construction, furniture, appliances, shipbuilding, etc. Then, let's take a look at Chinese fir has what function. Brand solid wood furniture fir mainly can be used for functions of pain, scattered stasis to stop the bleeding. As well as buildings, Bridges, ships, pillar etc. The aroma of fir lumber itself has very soft. This fragrance is sweet fir, incense cedar alcohol can kill the bacteria, inhibits human pathogen in the air. Incense cedar alcohol has inhibitory effect on all kinds of skin inflammation. Incense cedar alcohol at the same time to the human body to eliminate fatigue, alleviate the pressure of the health care function. Therefore, fir wood furniture is a nice piece of furniture. Relevant tags: living room furniture
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