To prevent furniture timber desiccation method

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-25

usually used in household decorates a wooden keel, all kinds of plank wood material, such as the autumn climate is dry, the woodiness material is easy to be so dry and parched. Followed and decorate busy season, this time if there is wood in the villa decorate building materials, will pay attention to prevent weather-shack. So, furniture wood drying craze? See below how to prevent the woodiness material weather-shack.

solid wood moisture content, the moisture content of real wood furniture is no good control, will appear the quality problem such as craze, deformation. Furniture after production is completed, the moisture content of timber and drying stress determines the shape of the furniture and material won't change. So good control of the moisture content of real wood furniture is becoming very important, the balance after the moisture content of not for the sun, extreme cold, heat environment factors such as cracking deformation.

1, handling carefully, away from heat source

solid wood furniture handling should pay attention to light, steady, ping. To avoid damage in the process of handling, put to a smooth, when you meet the place is not smooth to padded some cardboard or wood veneer to make it smooth. Solid wood furniture should also be far away from heat source. The paint solid wood furniture should avoid direct sunlight, because of the strong ultraviolet radiation paint fade easily, affect beautiful. Central heating, heating facilities, such as kerosene lamps from too close can make furniture to be out of shape. KaiShuiHu, tea stove objects placed in solid wood furniture will make its 'burn'. If in solid wood table, Table decoration) Placed on overheating metalware, attention must add a insulation pad, etc.

2, avoid put lumber in the vents

autumn wood to be used to decorate, want to avoid in the vent. Otherwise the wind blow, easy to cause the moisture inside the wood loss, parched, wood surface cracks.

3, reduce the ventilated time

winter indoor humidity than outdoor rather higher, as a result, winter spring open a window ventilated, will only make the cold air outside to come in, make indoor dry. Therefore, it is suggested that the design of solid wood furniture is more families in the home, in winter should reduce the time and the number of open a window ventilated, in order to keep indoor humidity. At the same time pay attention to real wood furniture should avoid placed in air vents.

(4), commonly used oil, wax polish

solid wood furniture daily wipe also is to have cultured, wipe to use soft cotton cloth, cotton cloth can micro wave, but not wet, for is not out of the water, and wipe down the wood texture, avoid using alcohol and other chemical solvent or detergent to wipe, lest corrosion paint, furniture paint cracking. To avoid to use after a period of time, appears dark and fade phenomenon such as furniture, can regularly corresponding processing of furniture waxing, etc.

5, wood should be put in the shade

autumn decoration wood to avoid direct sunlight, direct sunlight on the one hand, accelerate the lumber moisture content loss, on the other hand may make the paint on the wood prone to cracking.

6, away from the heater heat source such as

the winter cold, each family will be on the waiting list each heater to keep each other warm. Sometimes to near the heat source, unconsciously pull heaters to solid wood furniture. Little imagine, these furniture fear of high temperature, long time high temperature baking, easy to lose wood moisture, desiccation, deformation, metamorphism paint film. Good solid wood furniture is put in at least one meter away from the heater.

7, seal oil on wood processing

if timber desiccation badly, can be arrived at the scene of the wood with dry towel to wipe the first float ash, besmear two consecutive varnish again sealing oil processing, oil seal after processing timber desiccation chances will be greatly reduced.

8, plate should be placed across the

all decorative panels should be flat, the decorative panel on the bottom of the mat a big core board, the above pressure another big core board, which can keep the plate is flat and level. With decoration panel of avoid by all means to put, so easy to make panels, case become warped, craze.

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