To introduce the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo charcoal mattress

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-29
The advantages and disadvantages of bamboo charcoal mattress to introduce the material of bamboo charcoal mattress when it comes to environmental health, our bamboo nature is undisputed. So a bamboo charcoal mattress out is one of the love of people, we not only on the environmental performance of bamboo charcoal mattress is very good, other features also is very good. Let's take a look at bamboo charcoal mattress?

one, the introduction of bamboo charcoal mattress

we must first understand what is bamboo charcoal mattress, bamboo charcoal mattress is with modern technology and science and technology development and production of new products made of mattress. Built-in filler is given priority to with natural bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal mattress this natural bamboo charcoal absorption with air, super bacteria inhibitor, anti mite antibacterial effect, bamboo charcoal mattress is one of the representative of environmental health, so to speak.

2, bamboo charcoal mattress material

we common bamboo charcoal mattress, usually by coat, bamboo charcoal layer and three layer structure of electric blanket. Bamboo charcoal mattress because the built-in filler with natural bamboo charcoal fiber material, generally we use the raw bamboo, bamboo charcoal mattress is by high temperature carbonization and a series of modern processing technology, and has strong warmth retention property. With bamboo charcoal itself adsorption, bamboo charcoal mattress mattress made from a mix of bamboo charcoal and a variety of high quality materials, permeability is strong, and healthy environmental protection, coat fabrics made of cotton fabric and non-woven fabric, the overall no stimulation to the skin, does not produce static electricity.

with the advantages of three, bamboo charcoal mattress

from the above material can see bamboo charcoal bamboo charcoal mattress mattress production material of green environmental protection, high reliability. Can be used by electric blanket, bamboo charcoal mattress has comfortable warm effect, effectively promote the blood circulation, enhance the quality of sleep. Bamboo charcoal bamboo charcoal mattess itself strong adsorption, bamboo charcoal mattress can absorb the harmful gas in the air, at the same time also can release the far infrared and negative ions, purify air. For example, home is the house that new clothes builds, in this mattress, can effectively absorb harmful material such as paint room, help in addition to the peculiar smell.

4, the disadvantages of bamboo charcoal mattress

is a kind of green environmental protection health bamboo charcoal mattress mattress, but its itself also has some shortcomings. Generally quite thin, now on the market of bamboo charcoal mattress must match with other mattress used to have very good supporting effect. Furthermore, bamboo charcoal mattess itself strong adsorption, can effectively absorb harmful substances, often need to take it out to dry, or harmful gas is stored inside the bamboo charcoal mattress.

five, the technology of bamboo charcoal mattress

our bamboo charcoal mattress and a name. It is bamboo charcoal health insulation mattresses, so see this name what do you think of bamboo charcoal mattress? Now in the market we are generally common bamboo charcoal mattress using the latest technology combined with our modern science and technology exquisite, sterilization, absorption of moisture, so that it can purify air, moisture, radiation far infrared ray, and other functions. Use for a long time has a very good health care function to human body, especially for patients with rheumatic disease and cold cause back pain has obvious health care effect. So small make up if have the disease, can choose a piece of bamboo charcoal mattress.

6, heat preservation of bamboo charcoal mattress care

have to say is the health of the bamboo charcoal mattess of insulation. Because we use commonly adopted by the raw material of bamboo, bamboo charcoal mattress are through high temperature carbonization and a series of process before they are made of the carbon mat made of bamboo charcoal particles as the upper mattress, as is made of bamboo carbon and come, so that the structure of bamboo charcoal mattress more micro groove Angle, make it has strong adsorption function. And the bamboo charcoal mattess also has the function of shielding electromagnetic wave, the practicality and functionality is very good.

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