Through check discovered elm furniture very popular in many ways

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-26
With the rapid development of society, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, many people on the choice of buying furniture, buy real wood furniture, see here, a lot of people can produce on why so many people buying furniture chose the real wood furniture? Solid wood furniture factory is below to you about the reason reason buyers choose real wood furniture. Priority is the safety, in addition to consider their own healthy body, more consideration is the child's health, now most families have only one child, for the children happy and healthy, natural parents would rather choose no decorate pollution of solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is also very durable, material is qualitative good, well made of solid wood furniture and value appreciation, our parents when they get married him dowry is mostly solid wood furniture, many decades later is still in use, it serves to show its sturdy degree, some annatto furniture also can use hundreds of years and not bad. Some solid wood furniture and sculpture surface has a beautiful decorative pattern, very beautiful, to a certain extent and the value of appreciation. Solid wood furniture of natural light combination can also bring room atmosphere of nature, let a person feel warm and comfortable, the city's green area less and less, to some extent, it also can meet the city people advocating the psychological demands of nature. From economic into consideration, the service life of solid wood furniture at least five or six times that of general plank furniture, also is very good in the long run it can be said that the era of furniture begins with elm wood furniture, elm furniture not only represents a tradition, but also a kind of culture, a kind of taste, a kind of style. So, elm furniture by more and more people gradually collect and enjoy. Furniture group after many find out found that the elm furniture very popular reason mainly is divided into the following three points: first, yu mywood tenacity, high mechanical strength, hardness and strength is moderate, suitable for carving, more can adapt to various valuable. such handiwork anaglyph, high intensity and corrosion resistance, are more likely to save; Second, yu wood texture clear insight, plane surface is smooth, beautiful string surface decorative pattern, have similar 'wenge' pattern. Wood plastic, paint, carved by the exquisite carved lacquerware crafts can be made up. Three, elm heart sapwood clear distinction, sapwood is dark yellow, heartwood dark violet and grey. Colour diversity, after the master elaborate carve, the of primitive simplicity is beautiful elm atmosphere from planting to can be used, need at least one hundred years, and now the international environmental protection policy, elm logging has been widely banned, according to the forecast authority, eight years later, yu wood raw materials will face a comprehensive emergency situation, since for the appreciation space of brand solid wood furniture. Relevant tags: living room furniture
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