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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-01

the structure of sofa actually not complex, its anatomy, from inside to outside, is nothing but the skeleton, filler ( Including the springback equipment) And exteriors ( Leather or cloth art) The be fond of of these three, put aside personal appearance is different, so the three kind of material is good or bad decision quality of sofa.

cushion: the springback the better sofa cushion have two types, one is spring package, one is the sponge. The reporter understands from the market, the low end of the sofa and use serpentine vertical spring and sponge, foam rubber, figures this deformation is not durable, rubber hardening uncomfortable, basic life only 3 ~ 5 years. In the high-end product with stronger high elastic bandage and not easy to deformation of the s-shaped transverse spring, fillers are mainly high rebound sponge memory. Elastic bandages are classified on the market, the average elastic bandage used in back of a chair, high elastic bandage for the base. Also have different Numbers of bandages, with 100 and 200 rubber band.

sofa padding cotton and silk, generally on the sponge layer, increase the flexibility of sofa, comfortable. Sofa edge and back inside and filled with cotton, soft and fluffy, feel is smooth, warm and comfortable, good air permeability. Latte is a classic product USES the feather, this should be regarded as the best filler, warm comfortable and good permeability, seating comfort is strong, can also according to different body parts of the automatic modelling and foil.

choose coup: no not deformation of the sofa in the world, said his sofa won't deformation must be cheat you. Inspection of the sofa back stretch it is better to let the body in free fall sitting on the sofa, cushion of the sofa body at least be up 2 times or more, can ensure that this set of sofa is elastic, and don't have spring sound, longer service life.

by hand press sofa armrest and back of a chair, if you can clearly feel the existence of the wooden frame, is proved that this set of sofa packing density is not high, the elastic is not good enough. Easily by the wooden sofa also can accelerate the wear of sofa cloth, reduce the service life of sofa.

fabric: the upscale the better

veneer is given priority to with leather and cloth art sofa, including artificial leather, microfiber leather, PU leather, not to consider. Dermal sofa leather is the cost of 50%, among them with imported Italian head layer cowhide is the best, the embryo skin flexibility and firm, leather processing part, feel smooth and soft, smell light more environmental protection.

followed by domestic leather, in the end products are common. Don't listen to the salesman said their sofa is a cow or sheep's clothing, rare. General leather sofa will have a small piece of leather in trademark bag or nail with a thread on the sofa. Some say 10000 yuan the following, it is can't buy leather sofa, this statement can refer to.

as for the cloth art, type a lot, the fabric can be divided into domestic and imported, the difference in fabric, cloth points generally hemp, cotton, blended, chemical fiber. The sofa of European and American professional manufacturer produces special fabrics are of good quality, color, high color fastness, fabric without skew, especially some high-grade fabrics in order to improve the anti-fouling ability, also has carried on the special surface treatment. Imports of high-grade fabrics also antistatic, flame retardant, and other functions. Natural material in cotton, hemp is common, but reporters found that the top waterproof sofa with the latest synthetic material 3 m moss, it has a good waterproof performance, and does not affect the air permeability and moisture permeability of the fabric. Lustre downy elegant, soft, smooth and delicate, feel warm, fluffy and elastic cloth.

choose coup: feel with the hand surface sofa, stimulate the skin phenomenon, observe whether the whole parts of sofa fabric color is even, the joint part is strong level off, the work is fine. Open supporting pillow zipper, observation with the hand touching the inside of the lining cloth and filler; Lift the sofa to see the bottom of the handle is meticulous, sofa leg is straight, surface treatment is smooth, if there is a mat and other details at the bottom of the leg.

if you can't tell cloth is good or bad, can be tempted asked the salesperson, do one more with the same cloth sofa cover how many money? If the fabric sofa of the total value of the share is high, sofa quality could be worse.

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