There are two types of contemporary and contracted furniture according to the process and material

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

there are two types of contemporary and contracted furniture according to the process and material, main points and board type furniture and modern furniture solid wood furniture.

board type furniture looks neat and beautiful, trendy, flexible layout, the price is easy to choose, the mainstream of board type furniture is a furniture market.

solid wood furniture refers to all panel material is again without the processing of natural material, do not use man-made board ( Part of the board may use man-made board) The furniture is made of.

furniture material has two categories:

a. For natural materials ( Such as wood, bamboo, rattan, etc. )

2. For the artificial materials ( Such as plastic, glass, metal, etc. ) 。

the different material, makes the furniture on the processing technology, give a person the feeling of visual and tactile, due to the characteristics of material itself has, through artificial processing to make their surface texture more make public: make smooth the beauty of the material is smooth, rough material has the appearance of primitive simplicity, soft material has the feeling of skin to the processing of these materials can make the furniture produces heavy light feeling, sense of hard and soft feeling, light and shade, changes in temperature, thus we can say that the proper use of furniture material, can not only strengthen the artistic effect of furniture, but also reflect an important symbol of furniture quality.

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