There are three breakthroughs in new furniture industry health standard

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

a few days ago, sponsored by the national standardization technical committee furniture harmful material set limit to in wood furniture, the furniture of volatile organic compounds in detecting with climate cabin ', 'furniture on the determination of volatile organic compounds in three national standards such as validation will held in Shanghai, to furniture harmful material set limit to make that clear.

zhu changling, chairman of the China furniture association, said the revised new furniture testing standards will reflect its advantage in three aspects, the household will be better able to ensure consumer safety.

breakthrough 1: the overall testing, the results more reliable. Can more accurately reflect the new standard makes furniture is the overall situation of the actual release toxic and harmful substances, this method will be more scientific and more rigorous to help consumers to control the environmental factor of furniture.

breakthrough 2: furniture environmental protection, more worthy of the name. Climate box inspection furniture all parts can be included in the scope, testing the overall environmental situation, but also at the same time in the detection of formaldehyde of the harmful material such as VOC furniture to release a quantity to make a decision, a more comprehensive and reliable testing results.

breakthrough 3: nondestructive testing, detection risk is low. New climate box detection method than the current advanced a lot, made up for the loopholes of detection methods, place the whole piece of furniture in a specific environment, furniture itself does not have any degree of damage, it is a good thing for the consumer, if the test result is not very desirable, can look for businessmen claim compensation, if the test results, that even if take the detect cost, also can buy reassured.

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