The zhuo furniture behind the failure reason is what

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

tag zhuo furniture in May 2015 by the chairman of the board 3 Vincent Yang declared bankruptcy, because of excessive debt to officially declare bankruptcy reorganization, a development for 23 years of furniture companies said fell, no signs, caused a sensation in the furniture industry, then what's the reason for the zhuo furniture collapse? The reasons behind the failure?

here is the chairman Vincent Yang declared bankruptcy reason: mainly the zhuo furniture is a problem with the positioning, the zhuo furniture positioning for retail mode, the mode of the stores is very costly, although can snap signs, but for the Internet age, the pattern of stores obviously doesn't work, zhuo furniture in a total of more than 100 stores across the country, including more than 40 stores, intensify the building of stores and operating losses over the past two years, estimated losses in 3, 40 million yuan. At the same time, the eminent product category is too narrow, taking designer line, good-looking is not good to sell. And standard zhuo furniture according to official website, its 365 experience shops across the country. Vincent Yang created the zhuo furniture, also destroyed it, as the furniture for a furniture company with a brilliant history once again feel inviting pity, it's not easy for 23 years, the zhuo has created you I can't touch the high, he temporarily made a difficult decision today, who can say he won't painful experience, a strong rise? Think Yang always worth every one of us household is respected, he is a responsible entrepreneurs, one of, at least he had success, second, his temporary stagnation, courage, and third, he didn't lose to the life! Now more and more furniture factory closures, a large part of the reason is no innovation, according to the traditional way to go, still can be in the face of increasing competition, more and more high artificial market, continuous innovation, with changeless should change obviously doesn't work, because companies are in progress, the law of evolution for traditional furniture industry is a bit overwhelmed, but in the face of pressure, we can't timely adjust appropriately, can't keep pace with The Times, is still in me, so how far away are we from standard zhuo? Business model is a top priority for the development of the company, if the choice is not good, so failure is inevitable, select distribution mode, is a tricky furniture manufacturer, can not simply imitate others. Zhuo has been sticking to proprietary business road, but proprietary need businesses invest too much money and manpower, if you can't sell products in a timely manner, can appear capital chain rupture. Don't like to join sales channels, more and more dealers in capital on the manpower support enterprises to grow together, joining mode, of course, also can have the difficulty and complexity of its management. Although the market now is cruel, but tomorrow we're going to optimistic face, Mr Ma also said that optimism is an entrepreneur must have the quality, or enterprise walk far, although the zhuo collapsed, but has hundreds of thousands of like jas emperor furniture enterprises in the market for the customer production produce made consumers of goods and services.

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