The world's most famous few modern leather chair

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

about modern leather chairs, people mind first furniture is genuine leather sofa, because dermal sofa is one of the most commonly used leather furniture. In fact, some modern leather chair leather sofa worse than not, the following we came to know a few modern leather chair.

this modern leather Chair is called: ZARA Lounge Chair. Imported the first layer of cow leather, framework and the chair foot with 304 stainless steel plating, high density sponge sponge is original. It's full of contemporary and contracted modelling element, it seems that both the grade of the leather sofa, and the beauty of concise and lively.

modern leather Chair: Thin Frame Lounge Chair. This is a slightly retro atmosphere of modern leather chair, it was born in rosen & middot; Mr Ning. Its modelling brings the visual comfort, also feel comfortable to do it, not only suitable for various places, also suitable for acting as example room furniture.

modern leather chair: Archibald Armchair. It was born in 2009 in the famous French designer Jean - Marie Massaud. Its biggest characteristic is its natural ups and downs of dermatoglyph, plus elegant and delicate black feet of the lacquer that bake, look there times better.

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