The vitreous furniture of office is dirty?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-30
People for the environment to demand is higher and higher, but the company of the enterprise to the requirement of office environment is also very high, for the arrangement of the office environment is very seriously, believe that now most companies will choose the arrangement of the glass tea table in the office, but if tea table is dirty words will appear the whole office less comforting, so for the glass how should we pay attention to the correct cleaning and maintenance? Today furniture small make up take you take a look at how we to clean the glass office furniture! Effective glass office furniture cleaning method: 1, the simplest is to use alcohol to wipe, we can take for a wet cloth first, we need to use wet cloth to wipe it again on the both sides of the glass and then use dry cloth dips in small amounts of alcohol rub it again, it can clean glass quickly become clean and bright; 2, another method is to use toothpaste or shampoo, if is black glass can be painted the toothpaste with rag to wipe or hold a basin of water poured into a little shampoo, dip in with dishcloth after stir a little slowly to wipe the glass with it, in the process of wiping you will find that the glass will become clean and bright; 3, rubbed the glass with old newspapers the method that we have in our student tried, with old newspapers to wipe the glass of the classroom can make glass clean, whether it is a what kind of glass in the process of cleaning is the best vertical wipe from top to bottom, the other side is not only need to change the direction of the horizontal wipe glass is more comprehensive, but also should pay attention to it's best to use only slightly damp old newspapers; 4, in polished glass is best not to use dry cloth to wipe, because it will be left in the glass fiber does not make the cloth clean dishcloth; 5, in the midst of daily cleaning, we need only with old newspapers or a wet towel to wipe, but if too hard to wipe glass so it is easy to damage the glass, if want to avoid this situation we could also buy some glass cleaner to wipe on the market is a glass of also can have same effect; 6, and if it is in winter outdoor temperature and indoor temperature is larger, lower part if is temperature difference is big glass frosting easily, then dip in with can take a small amount of concentrated salt water to wipe the glass, this method also can make glass appears clean and bright.
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