The use of contemporary and contracted style furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

today and you talk about the use of contemporary and contracted style furniture. Contracted style of the sitting room the first thing to fresh and not mixed and disorderly. Home of all sorts of sundry furniture design is clever and humanized must use reasonable tucked away. Therefore, contracted style of furniture to have powerful receive a function. Second, contracted style furniture if full use of natural material, more can reflect the owner to return uncut jade to put in the spiritual realm.

second, contemporary and contracted style of furniture also note material. The use of material influences the quality of the space, use good material, not only can let the outspread vision, to create excellent dimensional feeling, and make a space more concise.

has a natural simplicity nature stone, timber, leather is very suitable for contemporary and contracted style. They can present a kind of fashion, the simple sense of warmth. In addition, when choosing decorate material, should fully understand the texture and properties of materials, pay attention to environmental protection and the harmony between material and complementary.

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