The trend of light luxury furniture industry

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-06

in recent years, the light of luxury furniture can walk how long discussed. Household practitioners also watching, the wind blew up, really become a trend, leading the household industry trend of the next few years?

in the first half of the past on the 58th Italy milan furniture fair can obviously feel that, in the past as show the core of classical luxury household unloved, light and modern luxury furniture, 14 pavilion, to occupy more than half of the exhibitors 1300 exhibition brands, more than 14 square exhibition area, of existence.

is not only the international household brand present a preference for light and decoration style, according to the annual report data of several domestic media platform, light and decoration also obtained the excellent result to the growth of the absolute advantage. According to today's headlines cooperate with my custom furniture association, guangdong province, 2019 issued by the custom home trend data report, household articles keywords luxury, to read number topped the household popularity 2963300 times style list.

fashion in household data sharing platform, a bag of sugar, 2018 annual report, the light of luxury wind also increase with 352% of the search, the growth in household style. Data as support as you can see, the light and decoration the wind, is really blew up. Abuse of brand of luxury light wind everywhere, also played a part of the practitioners and consumers misunderstanding of light and decoration style.

throughout the existing furniture industry, the most can represent light and decoration style, has strong cultural value most, is to change numerous to Jane, the pursuit of the Italian luxury light design feeling. Trace the development course of Italian furniture, the second world war, since the Renaissance Italian household form of extreme luxury aesthetic pleasure, gradually tilted to simple and practical.

but even so, centuries of time influence the delicate aesthetic let light Italian luxury furniture old retain the ultra high art design and quality pursue, Italian furniture in wood massiness moist and metal contracted and fashionable, both art aesthetic and practical, which is popular in the 16th century walnut elements are still at last.

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