The three most suitable for when the commercial dermal sofa sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

the office environment is very important, in addition to improve the staff's working efficiency, when customers visit, also can improve the brownie points, especially in the office or reception area to put one or two commercial dermal sofa, let customers comfortable sitting on top of the exchange, more can improve conversion rates, however, not all can when commercial dermal sofa, sofa, below small make up to introduce three new commercial dermal sofa.

Barcelona sofa chair: the chair is a masterpiece of mies van der rohe, was the king and queen of the seat, can be said to be the throne, its elegant X polished stainless steel chair foot, coupled with tall on the leather, make the whole office or recreational area appears elegant, high-grade, it also makes a lot of companies have used it as a commercial dermal sofa.

corbusier sofa: this is the most suitable when commercial dermal sofa, a sofa, it is a famous designer corbusier LC2 in LC series, square shape, showing the meticulous work attitude, and comfortable to sit sense reflects the good service attitude, stainless steel frame and the collocation of leather is the tall in perfect.

Knoll sofa: the commercial dermal sofa is Florence & middot; Noel ( Florence Knoll) In 1954 completed the work of the sofa, beautiful shape, perfect materials and comfortable feeling of sitting together, whether in office or reception room or recreational area, is a good choice.

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