The three major features of board type furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-01

board type furniture is the most typical characteristics of modern furniture, mainly has the following characteristics:

( 1) Board type furniture product structure simple, easy combination, easy to tear open outfit, easy to transport

the main material for the man-made plank of board type furniture, man-made plank easy to realize automation, mechanization processing. Generally, the connection of panel of board type furniture USES all kinds of hardware fittings and tenon with combination of round, structure is simple; And board type furniture more for disassembling structure, easy combination and tear open outfit; Board type furniture parts for plate component, modelling concise, simple shape, easy packing, accounts for a relatively small volume, facilitate storage, transportation, etc.

( 2) Board type furniture product parts standardization, specialization, seriation

with the international standard ( ISO) The implementation of world furniture USES the new material, new technology, new technology, new structure as the foundation, focus on product parts standardization, seriation, standardization, generalization and specialization, and mass production. Board type furniture design, manufacture and installation and so on comprehensive introduced '32 mm system', so the furniture products easy parts production, the concept of 'parts is the product' got fully embodied in the board type furniture. According to the principle of interchangeability, modular system, tolerance and cooperation, KD, dismantling furniture, RTA furniture to be mounted, ETA drag type furniture, DY, diy furniture and other modern research of board type furniture, as well as 'artifacts = products', 'ten hardware interface component', 'buy + assembly', the modern furniture mass customization manufacturing technology establishment, dissemination and application of concepts and theories, makes the standardization, specialization and standardization of board type furniture tend to be more perfect.

( 3) The production mode of board type furniture high mechanization, automation, arrangement of

with the rapid development of modern science and technology, furniture to develop in the direction of high and new technology and information technology become a product of modern industrial production has become a reality. Adopting new materials, new technology and new equipment, makes the form of furniture structure and processing technology, decorative methods and management methods to improve. Modern furniture design, production and equipment operation have been implemented and the application of computer design and manufacture ( FCAD/FCAM) , computer numerical control machine tools ( NC/CNC) , computer integrated manufacturing system ( CIMS) , flexible production, FMS) , group technology ( GT) And bar code technology (such as BCT) ; Modern management board type furniture, sales, with the help of modern information technology, such as real-time production ( JT) , enterprise resource planning system ( ERP) , the material need plan ( MRP) And transnational production plan, 尼泊尔共产党) And so on. So as to realize the height of the furniture production mechanization, automation and the arrangement. Therefore, the structure of modern panel furniture design should fully consider these factors, improve the quality of board type furniture.

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