The tea table of different material tie-in proposal

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

tea table is indispensable a practical furniture in the sitting room, the collocation also is rich and colorful. For example, small tea table can be complementary with thick big sofa; Brunet tea table can and natural style that occupy the home, the more light to take a whole; The design feels strong, creative side a few can freely in a corner in the home, not a fixed position. The material of the tea table, of course, is also an important factor to influence the whole collocation, simple talk about the tea table of different material collocation below Suggestions.

glass tea table tie-in proposal

with streamline feeling, clear and transparent texture, after fully empty light, can let a space become bigger; The cane makes up or cloth sofa, wooden sofa bed, dermal sofa bed group, etc. , are suitable for collocation glass tea table.

wooden side a few tie-in proposal

log can bring warmth to the person, contracted solid wood tea table to fit the modern leather sofa and cloth art sofa will be very suitable for, make easily northern wind; While pure annatto tea table, belong to the Chinese style style, match with the same style of Chinese style furniture is the best.

stone tea table tie-in proposal

stone tea table has a unique texture, let a person feel the simple nature, marble edge several suits to put in the sitting room space is very big, suitable for and luxurious dermal sofa or texture of PI cao home act the role ofing collocation extremely.

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