The swan chair product knowledge

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

the swan chair ( 天鹅椅) , not only has a similar to the appearance of the swan, but also with the swan of spirit likeness, elegant, pure quality, by the vast number of consumers love, swan chair was designed by Danish designers and architects jacobson in 1958, it was for the level of Royal Hotel to carry on the design of the swan chair line, unique flavor, it become one of the most classic recreational chair in the world.

the swan chair of the material is made of what?

1, the surface covered with Italian leather or wool flannel.

2, 360 - degree rotating tripod with polished stainless steel or aluminum

3, high quality sponge

4, are to be carried out by hand stitching pieces of whole chair

5, floor MATS with floor protector

swan chair and the blood relationship of egg chair

if you just mention the name of the swan chair and egg chair, may be only a few people know, but as long as see the two chairs, there must be a lot of people know, swan chair and egg chair before frequently appear in the TV series, movies, and variety shows, the modelling of beautiful and elegant and fluent line, that fascinates people, small make up ever also want to have such a chair.

it seems to the layman, and there is no relationship between the egg chair, swan chair, and pedestrians, it seems, the design style of the two chairs are very similar, even some of the wisdom to see that the two chair is by the same designer. Swan chair and egg chair is indeed the same designer, the designer is the famous Danish designer Jacobsen.

the jacobson for Copenhagen royal hotel furniture design, completed the design in their garage, because the technology is not perfect, lead to a lot of places need to manually, makes these two chairs not like now so perfect, but still let people surprise after appearance, and quickly popular in northern Europe. Swan chair and egg chair the biggest characteristic is to line, body can't see a straight line, looks like a graceful swan swan chair, egg chair backrest and armrest is like an egg, and sit on it there will be an intangible sense of security. With the improvement of the industry, the swan chair and egg chair more so than just was born, is also comfortable many, the two chairs can be said to be one of the representative work of northern Europe in the 20th century.

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