The sofa of the sitting room how to choose the right?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-30

the sitting room, is a collection myriad love in one place, too much life intravenous drip, similar to the afternoon nap, night film, holiday parties, homely conversations, always start from the sitting room. But to carry so much activity space, the sitting room of fixed single layout already cannot satisfy the needs of our diverse, how to do? When you need a can adapt to our various activities and flexible sofa, can transform create infinite possibility for our home.

sofa USES four problems

1, unsafe, low bearing capacity, unsafe

inferior sofa with smooth bark or wood wool hard miscellaneous wood, not strong enough, have of deterioration, bug eat by moth, and scars, the cohesion between material and material is to use a nail, people sit up and easy to collapse, there is a potential safety hazard.

2, difficult maintenance, cleaning, affect the appearance modelling

cloth art sofa dead Angle, easy to dust between fabric structure, difficult to unpick and wash, bacteria, and produce a large number of mites, so is very trouble in cleaning and maintenance, swab if improperly, can cause internal sofa be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, deformation, affect the appearance modelling.

3, is not convenient, single function, can't meet demand

traditional sofa modelling is rigid, do not accord with the requirement of human body engineering, not suitable for surface of human physiological structure, unable to meet the demands of people sit, single function, lack of additional features such as storage, can't satisfy people's storage needs.

4, not appropriate, size, affect the comfort level

choose the wrong sofa will face two problems: first, sofa is too big, let a space become overcrowded. Second, sofa size small, not only resulted in the proportion of whole space, also affect the use of comfort level.

the four advantages of flexible sofa

1, but reliable bearing of solid wood leg

combination is selected first-class solid wood sofa sofa leg, good hardness, the sofa of solid structure make stronger bearing capacity. To receive strength evenly in solid, effectively prevent the sofa back and forth lead to collapse. It also has one advantage is that when you are with the sofa leg with old or don't like the style, also can be removed in the new.

2, can change the sofa cover can be arbitrarily remove

combination sofa is welcome by customers, mainly because it besides can according to your own like the coat to replace it, because the filler is usually a high elastic foam sponge cushion and cotton cloth, so can also be removed and clean with washing machine, fast and convenient, easier then.

3, can store content as well as when the bed can store content

for ordinary small family of three rooms two hall, a with the bed, the three functions of storage and sofa sofa is useful, it can help the host to cope with many guests visit once in a while, and compared with the ordinary sofa again, its storage function frees up more space for the sitting room.

4, the sofa of composable modeling optional combination

compared with traditional sofa, the sofa combination can solve the contradictions of furniture too much and cause of space, it can be based on the actual needs of space at home, you want to custom size and the shape of sofa, such as one word, the pendulum type, L type, Angle type, etc. , through different combinations, build the diversity and flexibility of the sitting room, to meet the personalized requirements of people.

choose flexible sofa five keys

1, with makings charge for the high quality

good sofa fabric is thick, geographic close, no jump wire and exposed joints and close to the internal filling, line without gathers, sofa legs straight and a mat.

2, the product experience should pay attention to

it is important to experience the comfort of sofa, joint degree and back stretch, swung check the stability of sofa sofa, decided to check the integrity of the product after purchase.

3, select the right of the brands are key

good furniture brand has mature experience and professional technology support, the quality relative will be more guaranteed, so as to obtain better experience.

4, after-sales service guaranteed

understanding to the businessman after-sales service content, ask about the warranty period of sofa, way and credentials and whether to provide free door to door delivery, processing yard and exchange and other services.

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