The sofa is good?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

a lot of people know too soft sofa can easily make a person have to sofa syndrome, lead to physical problems, such as memory loss, osteoporosis, and so on disease, but hard to buy home might as well sit stool sofa, no comfort, so choose sofa must choose the sofa of soft hard moderate, and the hardness of sofa is not an absolute standard, general comfortable and not too soft sofa can choose, the sofa of the elderly can choose to slant a bit hard, keep fit. Today saw an article, tells the sofa comfort matters needing attention and some details. I now give you summary.

1, don't be too soft sofa, this is just said, although comfortable but will leave sequela.

2, children don't go to sleep on the sofa.

3, the third point to the key under the said, because it is related to how to choose the sofa, the sofa parts should accord with the requirement of human body engineering, the size of the sofa, deep and surface slope Angle, high backrest Angle, seat surface, the curvature of the back of a chair and so on can affect parts of the human body comfortable degree, according to their height, physique to determine the specific size, although not energy size, but have a certain reference to the proportion, such as sitting height, appropriate height with knee height. Depth, when the maximum by sitting on the sofa, with knee still outside the sofa face advisable. Angle, if the Angle is too large, will soon feel sore neck. Can observe the waist and sofa when try to sit if there is a gap, such as the waist and sit face can insert one hand shows the gap here no support body weight, the Angle of sofa is not appropriate. Four is the height of the back of a chair and sat down to between shoulder and ear is advisable.

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