The sofa can't buy!

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-10

as people decorate idea change and the improvement of living conditions, the pollution of furniture has become after the decoration pollution, construction pollution indoor third environment pollution sources, and indoor sofa first.

at the thought that whether lying, lying, sitting, lying down, how to stay how cool the indoor sofa also became the indoor pollution. Want to finish a lot of sofa collapsed & throughout; Sofa fan & throughout; All his heart.

in order to prevent everyone with pollution of sofa back home, today we'll learn about what kind of sofa has indoor pollution.

1, the sofa of plate frame is given priority to with artificial multilayer composite board

formaldehyde mainly exist in the board in the wooden craft sofa, because this kind of sofa is used in the manufacturing process a large number of synthetic multilayer composite panels. This board is that taking the glue out of, is the so-called no aldehyde is no glue & throughout; 。 It is not who pollution pollution?

2, sofa fabric and padding odor of

in general, the sofa of the filler is fluffy cotton and sponge. Of course some will give you add some material inside. So consumers when buying sofa, must ask sofa inside is what kind of filler, if there is one zipper to open the most beautiful, and smell the smell. Peculiar smell heavy out directly.

3, there is something wrong with the paint and adhesive used in sofa of

the pollution sources of sofa and could go on paint and adhesive. When buying sofa, be sure to find out the producing area of material and material, and view the certificate, check it whether the glue and paint used by environmental harmless, 3 without the product must be wrong and small workshops. If you cannot issue a certificate, then the nose to smell it for you.

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