The sitting room sofa to living in the space of different sizes have what effect

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

as the change of modern household space, sofa with diversity change, put in the corner, or in the process of combination form a corner sofa, can be called a corner sofa. According to model characteristics choose the sitting room sofa, the L type, U type or a fan of corner sofa respectively with big space, small family can change the spatial pattern of collocation, achieve better visual effect.

in the sitting room with sofa, we all hope that the sitting room sofa and durable, and can be harmonious with the living room. Corner sofa to be integrated into the living room, from the size of the space atmosphere and space to consider. A lot of people pay attention to the and decorate a style to cooperate, but ignores the size and the size of the space coordinate. Such as large space can use corner sofa full space. Because of the large area looks capacious sitting room, the atmosphere, but there's an empty blank on the vision, the sitting room can use large size change pattern of corner sofa. It can make blank space more full, and don't need extra partition, can a visitor form an independent space on the vision. The contracted wind is very suitable for the pursuit of high quality and style.

after putting corner sofa will appear crowded? In fact small family corner sofa collocation can enrich the level of the sitting room, create a space. The most basic of the small family furniture is likely to be let a sitting room to produce crowded move, this hardware weak need furniture put more skills. Small family to give up large size, of course, should choose relatively small sofa, and pay attention to the size of a small family corner sofa size, and on the material, cloth art sofa lining more material of small family warmth. And to avoid imposing on the color color, lest into space oppressive feeling. Rational utilization of the corner of the sitting room, to save space to the greatest extent. In addition, to receive direction of style design is also a wise choice, choose to put a plate with a storage space under practical sofa, not only convenient take goods, also can save more space for the sitting room.

and the rotation of the fan type, U type sofa, than L require more space, more suitable for display in the need to increase the sense of fulfillment of the large living room, more and more suitable for the population of family. Closely around the ring, communication is very convenient, with family and enjoy family happiness. Fan type, U type this arc pattern of sitting room sofa, can isolate the individual space, in the invisible, the sitting room and other space partition.

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