The sitting room sofa placement

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24

the decoration of the sitting room in domestic outfit project is more important, and the selection of the sitting room sofa, the aesthetic value orientation of bedroom host and the aesthetic effect of the sitting room. So, for fashionable life picky, contemporary bedroom decorate a design, the placement of sofa appears very important.

choose different color sofa is large family model sitting room is the place that is most suitable for household art heartily, this model is often appear in a person of extraordinary powers curtilage or villas, all kinds of characteristic sofa put way can be realized in this space. In addition to our familiar with fireplaces European classical style sofa put way, amorous feelings of southeast Asia amorous feelings, Chinese style classic, Nordic and other style sofa put combination, are suitable for this. Of course, for different style of household, the concrete placement of sofa will be slightly different, but the color of sofa also can have bigger difference. Typical European noble life of the typical European classical style combination is put the sofa in the sitting room, face the fireplace to put a 3 person or 4 person a glyph sofa, the left and right sides respectively placed two double a sofa or a pair of two single sofa, middle put a big tea table, tea table and the fireplace also can put one to two single person sofa, or a single long couch couch. This is a typical European aristocratic way of life. This combination of sofa, mostly not placed against the wall.

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