The sitting room sofa of choose and buy strategy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

is crucial for the sitting room, sitting room furniture.com/classic-sofa' target='_blank'>sofa in the sitting room is decorated in necessary, either live in or rent sofa is the basic standard and living room sofa is the soul of the sitting room, so how to living room sofa of choose and buy?

a, quality

1. Ground height: this is very important, mainly in order to not clean corner. If the distance from the ground of sitting room sofa is too small, whether it's a broom to sweep the floor robots, are not easy to clean. Even the sitting room sofa is not heavy, can move to clean, but that clean strength will reduce a lot. Suggest at least keep sweeping the height of the robot can go in. At least 8 cm.

size: large living room with the sitting room sofa, the sofa is not the bigger the better. If you want more white space, to look the room is big, can choose a small sitting room sofa, even the same three people sit sofa, different brand size is far, don't focus on only a few people, but to see the actual size.

strong: a living room sofa can use the longer, the better, after all, discard all trouble. So it's very important to the sitting room sofa is rigid. First ask frame is what material, real wood suggestion is hard wood, such as oak, Not a rubber wood) , elm, also can be metal materials, such as stainless steel, soft wood is not considered, such as pine. The second depends on whether framework where the connection is firm.

comfortable: say again good, it will never do to sit feeling uncomfortable. Different people different demands on living room sofa. Such as too soft sofa, some people like this kind of soft, some people think sit long bones are falling apart. Such as older, osteoporosis, and strength is not big, not suitable for too soft sofa, stood up from the sofa of the hollow are difficult, some suitable hardness them sitting room sofa. Take a seat with a bottom to decide, so to say again.

2, environmental protection

general concern to decorate decorate pollution and pollution of furniture, furniture of choose and buy will be more attention to environmental protection index, but the living room sofa due to its openness, generally no drawer, there is no smell, is often easier to ignore.

the sitting room sofa where not environmental protection mainly from three places:

1, the framework: wooden furniture is known to all if there are any inferior material, will not environmental protection. And the living room sofa framework are mostly plank. And the living room sofa besides Chinese style sofa, the framework of the basic package in cloth or leather, don't see can't touch, can only by asking a salesman. Generally solid wood frame sheet will not be better, if sofa is likely to use cheaper synthetic multilayer composite panels. Sandwich plate is a logs lathe cutting into a single board or wood square plane into two sub-companies named seaport, reoccupy adhesive glue into multi-layer plank. Although should not talk about the glue, but if with glue, sealing side to do more badly, volatilize harmful material such as formaldehyde harmful to health.

2, filler, the sitting room sofa, soft cause we like to stand in the above, the filling of the sitting room sofa has played a very important role, while the thickness of the sofa cushion and sofa cushion for leaning on is quite thick, materials must be a lot, so if the factory made some false, add new, whether it is easy to ignore. So what should I do? Be inferior to choose to have a zipper or visit to the factory, you can see inside filler, can smell no odor, validation of filling is consistent with the salesman said. And if there is no zipper, rely on touch is certainly touch is not complete, can only rely on the big brands and environmental certificate.

3, standard: this major what salespeople can take out to prove the sofa the environmental protection, such as the ISO certificate of environmental quality.

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