The sitting room sofa furniture is put skills

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

common home sitting room with sofa, tea table, one furniture.com/classic-dining-chair' target='_blank'>chair and so on, these furniture to be in harmony with the whole space, in addition to the style of the sofa is also important to put way, put the bad words can make the space feel smaller than the actual, is unfavorable to use daily life. Below we from the shape of the sitting room space, look at the sitting room furniture such as sofa, tea table is put skills.

a, rectangular sitting room furniture put skills

door model to founder of sitting room sofa suits to put a full set of combinations, if the space allows, you can try to arrange the surround close n type sofa space, also can choose l-shaped sofa. If visitors more in the home, can choose 321 sofas, but relative flexibility will be lower.

with the tea table of the sitting room well advised to choose a size in 90 * 90 cm or more style. If the TV and sofa of the sitting room or inclined to put a face to face, can choose l-shaped sofa collocation of TV ark, let it serve as a condensed the feelings of the fireplace. If the TV is hidden in the cubicle wall or TV ark, the sitting room sofa placed at random.

with the odd chair in the sitting room can change position, avoid blocking line then. Single chair slightly make sitting room space frame line, not only helps to prolong sitting room space, is the atmosphere. Put is triangular odd chair and sofa, let sit people can have more interactive.

2, irregular space, sitting room furniture put skills

space irregular put can be flexible combination of the sofa of the sitting room is the best, to deal with irregular shape of sitting room space waste. If irregular for long flat space, can choose l-shaped sofa or sofa collocation of two people.

long tea table is suitable for irregular sitting room space. Odd chair is not very necessary, if necessary, pull combined-type sofa as a single chair. But as far as possible to amend the sitting room space, the whole, and use the odd chair is put in the concave place or edge ark, reduce the waste of sitting room space.

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