The sitting room sofa color choices

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

is a subject and the face of the sitting room, sofa contemporary bedroom is decorated in, the color of sofa choice is very important. For example, when the sitting room space is more capacious, the giraffe white sofa and metal lamp combination collocation, the more obvious effect.

the color of sofa and sitting room decorate tonal should have contrast, that is to say, wants to be coordinated and the overall color of the sitting room. If the sitting room decorate color is deeper, might as well choose the sofa of light, such as white, light green, sky blue, orange, to break the visual effect of whole room dreary; If the floor and metope color is shallow, the color of sofa to relatively darker, can choose the gray color, walnut, black etc. In addition, the color and the material of sofa and furniture of other sitting room. If you intend to choose the walnut color TV cabinet, tea table, the color of sofa, if not the same color, also belonging to same quality is best, and best and walnut, sofa armrest stent; If the sitting room furniture is the structure of the metal, glass, other sofa armrest, best metal stents, the color of sofa can deep to shallow.

sitting room area is larger can choose 1 + 2 + 3 sofa, can place sitting in pairs, the family sit together have a kind of harmonious atmosphere; Sitting room is small, can a corner sofa to add a random footstool is enough, and single after work freely can lie or sit on it, also can and beloved person or embrace the back-to-back sit on chat, watch TV, create a romantic warmth of the world.

of course, choose the most should not be ignored or sofa sofa quality. Quality to have assure, first to choose reputable household malls or shopping platform, quality assured, and not only so can also provide professional delivery and installation services.

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