The sitting room sofa color and style should be how to choose

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

home decoration is to reasonable collocation of whole space, the style of furniture, colour is tie-in problem had to be taken into account, and in the furniture when the choice, should consider above all is the sitting room sofa, only make sure of the sitting room sofa, can better choose the furniture of the other to undertake collocation, today to say the color and the style of sofa.

these two years popular sofa color quietly elegant color is given priority to, in a neutral color as the leading role, the colour of profusion as an ornament, in addition the material such as cotton, linen, silk collocation USES let a space appear lightsome feeling. The color of the sitting room sofa should coordinate each other and the integral design of the room. White is popular in recent years the main color, the color of the other sofa to pale purple, pale yellow, grass green, are elegant and pure and fresh color, the other is a tendency of fashionable feeling stronger color ( Ash) Whether Europe type sofa or other style, simple pure color or simple but elegant small printing has been compared by the market recognition.

by the perspective of comfortable, fashionable sitting room sofa design how to set type. Like clothing, the sitting room sofa also started to pay attention to the trend of The Times, in order to feel comfortable concept as the starting point. Pay more attention to art in the design and function in the product of the unification, the change of every detail are quite human, from the perspective of in order to make people more comfortable to sit on. Two years ago, the collocation of relatively popular 3 + 2 + 1. In recent years, the people can lay down L design relatively popular, for young people, prefer to move the sofa, the sofa of a set of 3 people who deserve to go up two footstool design collocation will be more popular.

innovation on scientific and technological progress driven material, main show is using different materials to mix and match. Brightly colored paint and pearl skin in the modelling of sitting room sofa design become one of the popular elements. And material: poly sponge that install ester, built-in materials such as PVC will continue to be popular. Cotton, hemp, silk on use collocation more diverse

is frequently used by people in daily life since it can improve luxury classic sofa and classic dining room furniture.
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