The sitting room sofa can put against the wall?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-08

general of sofa is put in a lot of families are directly against the wall, there are a lot of people feel bad sofa against the wall of sitting room sofa actually placed against the wall without the wall does not pass any wind water problems, mainly is the sofa in the sitting room put whether the collocation with the overall coordination, tell me the sofa here will put skills in household environment.

1, the use of long and narrow living room space, select the entire rectangle longer again against the wall of the sitting room, opposite again put on simple TV ark. Put means that make full use of the characteristics of sitting room space, whole sitting room area is relatively long and narrow, so two-phase parallel to the longitudinal put integral space characteristics, maintain the clean and smooth visual perception. Double living room sofa and put this way, even if is long and narrow little sitting room is not too short, anyway have a primary activity, it will be very interesting.

2, along the wall, close put lines: small corner sofa is simple but elegant appearance, brunet cloth art stain resistant easy unpick and wash. Provide comfortable seating bottom of back of a chair of sofa design, the design of the Angle of interior lines, good use of space. Corner of the sofa in the middle position on the small tea table, form a pattern of tight.

3, along the wall corner puts: this corner sofa corner is not too sharp, made a diffusion process. Sofa intact joint walls on both sides, the corner of the small details make sofa with metope to set aside the fragmentary little space. Just right, a corner on the side table can have simple received effect, access is very convenient. The whole sofa piece of long, narrow space lines don't show little sitting room is depressive, bright colors instead of blue cloth art sofa stretch space.

4, relying on a wall and stand: longitudinal space is large, corner sofa and TV ark parallel put lift hole visual perception. White metope with real wood floor, light color attune slants deep cloth art corner sofa and TV setting wall space is tonal, Ming are dark and light weight.

skills is put above is a sitting room sofa, the sofa put basically is to see the entire household space layout, if there is a space behind the sofa also can put the cabinet or other furniture. Of sitting room sofa put skills are a lot of, in put on should consider more related skills, see how can let a space become big and nice.

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