The sitting room of contemporary and contracted style design

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

the sitting room is the most important part of traditional household structure, is the most can reflect in the design of modern home decoration design style. In the sitting room of contemporary and contracted style design, the choice of furniture is the most important, and the indoor metope adornment and decorations decoration and not the focus of the design, if feel too drab, remember to adorn action can choose a few fresh green plant put.

contemporary and contracted style of furniture put don't pay attention to symmetry principle, it is not like the traditional Chinese style furniture that should reflect the honour his birthright. Contemporary and contracted furniture is put very casual, how to look at how comfortable. Elegant, contemporary and contracted furniture furniture sends out a full-bodied flavor of northern Europe, such as leather sofa, glass tea table, creative recreational chair, comfortable chair is common contracted style in modern family living room furniture.

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