The sitting room in the modern home decoration cloth art sofa how to choose

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

sofa are indispensable for modern household, it mainly placed in the sitting room. Selection and the atmosphere of the sitting room sofa, the relationship between taste and style is very close, as the light inside the sitting room is the most eye-catching modern luxury furniture, in the choice of time also will select the most appropriate depending on the overall household environment. The choice of sofa and a let a person more headaches, that is the selection of fabrics, analyzes today's choice of sitting room sofa fabric?


cloth art sofa cloth art sofa in the light of modern luxury furniture is more popular, there are many kinds of style, at the same time it has American and European country style of cloth art sofa often use broken flower or case grain cloth, to create a natural, sweet smell; Spain classic style commonly used with gold brocade and satin fabric material, showily temperament. Cloth flower, variable can match different modelling, also can match different materials, create a diverse style, always show a charming designs.

2, velvet sofa

velvet material is soft and very comfortable to sit, but easily with various kinds of fiber surface, the surface of the time is long hair will fall out and not do, choose high grade point of velvet fabrics, that is not easy to out fluff.


pure cotton fabrics, pure cotton sofa sofa has the characteristics of environmental protection soft comfortable, breathable, and very close to the skin, is currently the most widely market share model. Sofa is used in most of rural style in cotton. Because it is cheap, design and color is diversiform, but less elastic, easy to wrinkle, easy dyeing and less wear.

the last two years of modern luxury furniture market, leather cloth sofa started to come to the forefront of consumer. In the back of a chair armrest and easy dirty is the skin is not easy to unpick and wash, and other close contact with the human body is easy unpick and wash cloth, leather cloth with the same color. Now the latest leather cloth combination of sofa cloth used nano material, more convenient to clean.

of course different fabrics of sitting room sofa, give people the feeling is different also. Modern light luxury furniture is the main is to make the collocation of furniture more joint household environment, at the same time bring home owners more comfortable home life, so you can choose according to their own requirements to the sitting room sofa!

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