The sitting room decorate should choose what kind of cloth art sofa to go with

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

in all the colours, black and white ash has always been the most practical in our daily life, in the home can for a loved one will be more grey, mostly gray department with other department are all very good collocation, available in a variety of decorate a style. And grey cloth art sofa is very dirty, it give a person a kind of very strong comfort.

the sitting room is decorated, pale grey cloth art sofa is soft and comfortable, hold pillow in the arms with light color and colorful design, give a person very comfortable visual perception. In addition, combined with the whole the daylighting of the sitting room is very good, such a gray sofa collocation, won't let a sitting room not only look very depressing, but adds a lot to space is sweet and halcyon, also for you to build a kind of soft and comfortable atmosphere.

grey is you like, also due to its joker character. Gray can and almost any color photograph collocation, the same gray can also be used in a variety of decorate a style, even if you is not sensitive to colour, on the use of gray can not worry. If the metope of the sitting room give priority to tone with white, deserve to go up the wooden floor of log color, plus the daylighting of the sitting room with good, make whole space more bright and transparent. In addition, the grey cloth art sofa in the framework of wood, the grey and light as a combination of log color, also can match so well, and it fastens collocation also let a sitting room looks more comfortable.

rich gray color will bring different visual feeling, like a light grey the sense that gives a person is very comfortable, and dark grey is much a quiet feeling, more show some quiet grave. In order to ensure that space is unified, sofa and ground all use the same dark gray color, good daylighting of the sitting room again case, also can have and light bring hot feeling, for the sitting room space in a cool and refreshing. , of course, a single dark grey was tired will also make a vision, a bright yellow flowers green pillow and tea table, both to the lighting effect of the space, also let whole space deep light color together is not abrupt.

today grey elements are often used in our soft outfit collocation, because it can be any color collocation, both simple and elegant northern wind, or the sweet and comfortable American pastoral, can be perfectly blended in among them. Above is the gray sofa in the sitting room a few point of view, for you also like gray color, don't hesitate, fill the gray space, make household decorates is more outstanding.

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