The sitting room decorate how to choose a corner sofa and combination sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

when decorating the household environment, the sofa of the sitting room is indispensable, in a wide variety of furniture market, for the choice of sofa is also a big problem, actually should choose what style sofa is appropriate? Today to say corner sofa in the sitting room and the advantages and disadvantages of combination sofa, for your reference.

1 turn, make full use of space corner sofa in the corner, can let a space adequately to use, can make whole space appears more compact and beautiful living room. 2, common corner sofa combination diversity tend to have single, double, three bits, several kinds of combinations, such as the imperial concubine bed according to dimensional size in any combination. 3, the corner can be repositioned in some corner sofa can be used according to the daily habits, swap places, let a sitting room is always full of freshness. But need to be well before buying the size of the sitting room, combined with the actual situation of choose and buy. Corner of the sofa faults: more suitable for large family, the small family if not reasonable collocation, it is easy to have a narrow space appears more narrow and cramped. In addition it is important to note that the small family corner sofa of choose and buy best no handrail or sofa armrest is thin. The classification of the corner sofa: corner sofa with right Angle corner sofa, the sofa of square, turn left, turn right sofa sofa a few kinds. Square is the rotation Angle of a sofa is fox semicircle shape. Right Angle corner sofa is 90 degrees as the name suggests is the corner, turn right. Than the square sofa, will be more save space area.

combination sofa combination sofa advantages: 1, make the integral collocation more concise sectional sofa and tea table, receive a visitor area looks more atmosphere, concise and not messy. 2, high safety coefficient of whole sitting room space will be bigger, because there will be no corner sofa cover, and knock against the problems. 3, put a free single person sofa put more free, just where you want to the, also can be used in other space. The classification of the combination of sofa is more, 3 + 1, 2, 3 + 1 + 2 + 3; In addition to the sofa, the sofa of collocation can be a single person sofa, can also be a love seat, even the recliner.

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