The safety of the advanced hotel furniture is very important

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-03

furniture security issues affecting people's work and life, to people's physical health is good or bad play a key role, especially in high-level hotel furniture, senior hotel furniture directly influences the safety of the operation of the enterprise and the customer's physical and mental health.

remember Da Vinci brand event had a great influence to the furniture industry, the impact on the consumer is not small, well-known brand floor on suspicion of formaldehyde and into a huge public relations crisis, make the enterprise reputation and sales have suffered. Furniture security problem do let furniture enterprises to seriously consider, whether for the interests of the eyes to make brand were hit hard by yourself?

senior hotel furniture to the quality of the product percent of pass long reach the effect of consumer satisfaction, formaldehyde exceeds bid is furniture quality unqualified one of the important factors. As a senior hotel furniture if formaldehyde exceeds bid will directly harm the customer's health, this kind of situation in the production are not allowed to happen. If an enterprise specializes in senior hotel furniture, it is important to note that technology is an important factor to eliminate formaldehyde exceeds bid, if you don't have good technology, employees try again also can't, so the company should support the production technology, from furniture to unqualified phenomenon, create a green, environmental protection of hotel furniture brand.

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