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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

with the development of the domestic furniture market, the chair is becoming more and more mature, species more and more, such as like the bulls bull chair, like bear bear chair, swan chair like a swan, also have like egg egg chair and so on.

here is to introduce a: Drop chair ( Water droplets chair) Because it's chair like a water droplets, and was named the droplets chair.

this chair, very small, chair like a water droplets, and four foot can be removed. So the packing volume is very small. Thus can save a lot of transportation cost. Foreign dealer's backpack.

the droplets for this chair in the domestic market? ! First of all, we can find that this kind of chair is very practical. Can be used in the home, especially some high-grade coffee shop, restaurant, etc. And the price is not high also. High quality product, you're worth it.

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