The process of cutting plate hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-31

plate hotel furniture because of its surface material and surface decoration effect of different have different technological process, main representative categories: stick wood board type furniture, sticker board type furniture, solid color board type furniture, melamine board type furniture, furniture and solid wood puzzle, and by the above categories of one, two or more mixed categories of board type furniture. The main technological process including cutting, man-made board cover, sealing side, the slot processing, packaging, assembly.

plate material used for the production of hotel furniture is in the process of cutting. Because the structure is relatively simple, of board type hotel furniture fitting accuracy is higher, therefore, can be used in the process of cutting and high precision of cutting sawing plate to plate cutting directly to the size of parts required.

cutting equipment is mainly used by cutting saws. That is commonly used in traditional board type furniture production saw, cutting equipment is precision because of its side with a moveable workbench, also often referred to as 'pushing Taiwan saw' ( Figure 4 - 1, figure 4 - 2) Push Taiwan saw workers need manual or half manual operation, each processing a plank, working strength is bigger, the efficiency is low, and the machining accuracy and safety coefficient are low. Another more common horizontal wood saw, precision can be used for more than zhang and large cutting plate. Large output, high precision, often used in mass production.

advanced cutting equipment has two types:

1) electronic cutting saw, Figure 4 - 3) 。 Also known as the 'saw' computer, is a kind of advanced digital processing equipment, can be used for a variety of sheet cutting.

(2) cutting equipment (CNC machining center Figure 4 - 4) 。 CNC machining center to edge of curve cutting of panel, its basic principle is to use milling cutter directly along the plate edge milling file a deeper than thickness of slot, thus achieve the goal of cutting.

among them, the application is the most common electronic cutting saw.

electronic cutting saw is widely used in processing all kinds of plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, ABS board, PVC board, organic glass plate and solid wood, such as structure, for cutting plate hardness is similar to the plate.

the characteristics of electronic cutting saw

1) high cutting precision, low loss, saw blades run on straight line guide rail, to avoid the artificial driving speed, caused by the deviation of the strength, direction and so on various aspects curf precise and neat.

(2) environmental safety: infrared scanning, from a foreign body within 10 cm of saw blade, saw blade automatic sinking, prevent accidents; The keys type dust shade can make working environment more clean and tidy, cutting precision is higher. The whole cutting dust between scooter, reduce the harm to people, cleaner production environment, little noise.

(3) high efficiency: an electronic cutting saw work amount equivalent to three table saw. With automatic lifting feeding structure, can realize fast feed.

(4) scale by scale to long sawing of panel is more accurate, and can save working space.

(5) the body structure is stable, solid, fuselage with 150 * 75 * 5 ( mm) Square tube and 20 mm panel welding and become, after large heat treatment equipment for zero temperature annealing treatment, removal of the fuselage stress effectively, ensure the accuracy of the mechanical cutting for a long time, also ensures that the body will never be out of shape, durable

6. The operation is simple: because the data such as size is controlled by computer, fewer artificial participation, and as a result, the horizontal demand of worker of the relatively low. Ordinary workers do not need to have more knowledge of furniture structure, etc, through short-term training mount guard.

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