The price of the rosewood furniture of real wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-10

for rosewood, a lot of people is not strange, rosewood is one of the world's most expensive wood, rosewood furniture can be said to be the most expensive one kind of annatto furniture, because red sandalwood belongs to tropical plants, yunnan and guangdong have production in our country, can not become useful in one hundred, a rosewood tree to grow a few hundred years later will be able to use, efficient and rosewood no medicine, red sandalwood will emit a called wood oxygen & throughout; Material, this kind of material can not only play the role of bring the brain, and long-term use can promote cells, prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

in recent years with the rise in the price of lumber, the worker's wages rise, make price has gone up a lot of annatto furniture, rosewood furniture, in particular, to collect so many collectors will take rosewood furniture, but are generally replicas on the market, the real rosewood is very expensive, general consumer groups is not, and there is no need to buy, you can choose to replace other kinds of furniture.

how to identify rosewood of true and false? Identify rosewood MuMuDe effective method is the most close rosewood texture in all kinds of hardwood, the heaviest weight of lumber, wood grain is not obvious. Rosewood wood flower in liquor, wooden flower will be broken down into pink immediately, and with the wine is sticky glue, dumping can connect line.

how solid wood office furniture daily maintenance?

solid wood office furniture surface cannot be placed too heavy items for a long time, to avoid friction with hard objects, so as not to injure the lacquer face of solid wood office furniture, and wood surface texture, it is best if necessary put a soft cloth;

a cup of hot water cannot be placed directly on the surface of furniture, such as the trace of the leaves is not easy to remove. Colored liquid, should absolutely avoid such as ink sprinkled on the surface of the table;

when transporting or moving furniture to should take put down gently, not inconvenient, table can't lift surface, easy to fall off, from the table and chairs on both sides should face lift;

absolutely not wet dishcloth or coarse cloth wipe and hardwood furniture;

don't take it too wet or too dry place long-term direct sunlight can make furniture is too dry, will fade.

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