The performance of glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture and disadvantages

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

modern furniture joining instructions & ndash; — The performance of glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture and disadvantages. FRP furniture more traditional wooden household appliances have mechanical properties especially good, shine and good hand touch feeling, good fire resistance, stiffness big, live longer, corrosion resistance, resistance to damp and hot, not hot, prevent mould, water, fire and other advantages, especially not including artificial board of household appliance is harmful to human body such as formaldehyde volatilization, accord with state standard, yield and quality of its fire prevention performance satisfaction state fire fighting equipment quality inspection to determine the core test standard requirements.

emperor furniture,

glass fiber reinforced plastic household appliance production technology will european-style luxury, elegant household appliance, magnificent and beautiful of the classical Chinese play ACTS the role of art and glass fiber reinforced plastic molding technology organically together, not only can produce all kinds of household appliances, and also can produce various specifications of the process of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, play the part of yarn, senior art wooden line, and the Roman column, the hall ceiling as well as the imitation solid wood carve patterns or designs on woodwork door, fire door, etc.

FRP home appliances easily exposed problems:

1, the color: use of material quality;

2, metal and glass fiber reinforced plastic fixed place easily loosen: signatures technology disposing of very bad;

3, initiation interview: petition a disposition very bad or longer petition a relaxation will initiation this problem;

4, cracks appearance: ordinary hand-made glass fiber reinforced plastic housewares, easy appearance cracks.

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