The overall furniture customization which problems need attention

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-30
In the process of whole furniture customization, hope the owner would consider the quality of home decoration and furniture degree of sense of beauty, beautiful and easy to control, the quality is decided by custom furniture and technology sector, the owner is not easy to master. Before the custom, owner need clear communication with enterprises and designers, to ensure the effect of furniture customization. Whole furniture custom not only is a good way to solve the problem of household structure planning, and can save a lot of interior space, to ensure the unification of the whole furniture design style and function, so in the design of the whole furniture, can combine style and function. Whole furniture style can according to the overall interior decoration colors and styles to choose, it is very important to determine the custom furniture style. In communication with the designer, to fully tell designer style characteristics and requirements, in order to give full play to the advantages of designer, on furniture perfectly display the style you want. Its functions are designed according to the daily habits and customs of owner that realize the personalized customization. First of all, the owner should let designer know your demand for furniture function, setting up reasonable reception space, link life and habits, for owner to create a more convenient system function, improve the quality of life of the owner. Whole furniture customization in what should be the choice of time, we need to consider in the custom furniture is a factor of family decoration, decorate in the household, we need to know what kind of decoration style, is determined according to the custom furniture style of home decoration style, furniture and household adornment style or whole coordinate is that we need to consider clear. Custom whole furniture must be placed after a period of time, although the customization of furniture materials may not contain other ingredients, but we all know that materials will emit a taste of the custom, this also is very normal, so we need to place for a period of time after the custom furniture. 445 keywords: overall furniture customization, and the overall furniture, furniture wholesale as a whole
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