The origin of solid wood furniture, — The unique ancient furniture craft characteristic

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-02
About furniture, people in mind, the first impression is the special style is now known as classical features of art of ancient furniture equipment. In our ancient times, because of the material, all is the use of pure wooden furniture equipment manual techniques, carving or technology, makes now find everything new and fresh. Dalian furniture group today will show all the unique technology of solid wood furniture! Furniture is a word even make us now adjectives, but in the ancient times is to see the sample of solid wood furniture facilities, the development history of he is old. Like we see in all kinds of costume piece of dresser, bed, table and chair are furniture equipment, such as in nowadays a lot of fans, such will also home decoration, pretended to be in this way, so as to make the home atmosphere is more artistic features. In ancient times of solid wood furniture equipments used in its elegant style, the proportion of moderate, contour succinct, stretch. Scientific and reasonable structure, mortise and tenon joint precision, strong enough. For material reasons its skilled in material ingredient, attaches great importance to the natural grain of lumber itself and colour and lustre. Carved red feet handled well, can with metal decoration style and exquisite, colour and lustre downy, have very good adornment effect. Overall summary would be such furniture gives a person the feeling is more succinct, simple, thick, dignified and imposing, roundy, jose. Strong China, Wen Qi, yan xiu. Jin ting, soften, empty Ling, exquisite, elegant, pure and fresh. Although the furniture of equipment at this time also is not perfect, but its use is pure real wood production, various kinds of precious wood, exquisite carving technology, whereas for its more add color, have the characteristic. Such equipment on the furniture for now also is what we call real wood furniture. In my early days in the Ming dynasty to the qing dynasty in China will be mainly in rosewood, rosewood, mahogany, tie li, qi catalpa wood, wood, etc. As the main material of high quality hardwood furniture. Modelling is simple, generous, concise structure, highlight the natural wood texture, do not add trival adornment, pay attention to practical, beautiful wait for a characteristic, the type have sit class: stool, pier, chairs, etc. With class: a few, table, case, etc. Bedding class. There is a bed, couch, etc. Gui class. Box, box, jewelry box, box, cabinet, cupboard and so on. With class. Have a wash basin, frames, racks, etc. 6 screen class. A inkstone screen, HangBing, etc. So don't kill the user in our furniture market now is have a special liking for this kind of solid wood furniture equipments can say, this has to do with these of the advantage of solid wood furniture USES is divided, choice of primitive simplicity is stable, the atmosphere of elegant furniture equipment for their add a unique atmosphere, must have been a lot of users want. Bedroom furniture brands: WWW. dl - hf. Com related tags: bedroom furniture
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