The new office furniture 'poison' hand

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

new office furniture is' poison 'hands, the so-called poison refers to inferior furniture is unsafe, formaldehyde exceeds bid for prime culprit, in this day and age, more and more people pay attention to healthy environmental protection, and the emergence of more and more vegetarian pavilion in food and beverage, and office furniture environment always worries us, healthy environmental protection has become the important indicators of quality of modern home life.

as people's growing awareness of healthy environmental protection, healthy environmental protection products has gradually become the trend of consumer fashion consumption, especially in the office environment, newly renovated office furniture will be a pungent smell, formaldehyde volatile in the air into the body of the people, formaldehyde is invisible killer, long-term inhaled, can erode your body slowly, serious even have leukemia.

health concern

so office furniture of choose and buy should choose tasteless healthy environmental protection furniture, the boss's idea is to quickly let staff to help complete the dream together, without endangering the health workers, and the employee's idea is to think in the platform, the steady development and healthy, surrounding the health, healthy environmental protection furniture environment is able to solve this a series of problems, of the emperor, business and leisure furniture namely can keep beautiful, still can keep the practicability, non-toxic safety

section, the importance of the environmental health of office furniture products is self-evident, it will become the main melody of office furniture industry development.

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