The most commonly used furniture wood elastic have no what advantages and disadvantages? How to maintain?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-04

material has a lot of furniture, such as the northeast China ash, ju wood, Chinese catalpa wood, oak, elm, etc. These shortcomings and advantages of each have each lumber itself. There are a lot of wood I believe you have heard at ordinary times, or are with these furniture made of wood. Today the hotel furniture factory of small charged for first one: oak

oak main feature

which is also called oak, oak tree heart shows browns to red brown, obvious growth round, slightly wavy, heavy and hard, straight texture, structure, colour quietly elegant, beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, not easy to dry, saw cutting and cutting wood. Touch the surface has a concave and convex feeling. Advantages of

1) Oak fine texture, tube hole is more abuse fill in content, not bibulous, corrosion resistance, strength, European and American countries use it to store wine.

2) Toughness is wonderful, but according to need to be processed into a variety of bent, aesthetically.

3) Is more distinct grain shape, and touch the surface have a good feeling.

4) High grade, european-style furniture, Chinese style classic furniture, for the production show thick feeling, price is low annatto furniture.

5) Quality of a material is solid, manufactured goods firm structure, long service life, is used in a lot of antique doors and Windows checkered production.


1) Without load bearing capacity, usually will not be used for building.

2) The current domestic many furniture professional manufacturers of oak oak furniture stability is very high. But because oak hard texture, the presence of water to take off the net is difficult, not to take off the water to make furniture, have gears could start contraction deformation or cracking.

3) On the market of rubber wood instead of the phenomenon of oak, common, if the customer lack of professional knowledge, directly affects the interests of consumers.

4) High quality tree species is relatively small, mostly imported from Russia and the United States, China also has some imported from Turkey, Austria, Germany and Canada.

5) Soft oak sapwood, vulnerable to insect attack.

oak furniture, how to maintain?

1, furniture appearance also can't not wet dishcloth or coarse cloth furniture appearance, need to use clean soft and pure cotton cloth, prevent scratch in let furniture appearance. Best timing or walnut oil with a few furniture wax, scrub back and forth along the grain.

2, oak furniture appearance can't put too heavy objects, for example: TV, tank, etc. , heavy items will make furniture deformation, affect the use.

3, oak furniture also can not put in too humid environment, especially lower bungalow terrain of the room, you need to furniture legs appropriate padding, or legs vulnerable to moisture corrosion.

4, oak furniture to prevent direct sunlight, so the furniture put the position is very critical, prevent the furniture put before the window facing south, prevent direct sunlight make furniture is cracking.

5, put oak furniture must be flat on the ground, or in the long run, will lead to deformation of furniture. So it's best in mat under small pieces of wood, furniture appearance also want to prevent friction with hard objects, to prevent damage to the paint, such as placing porcelain shall pay special attention to the decoration items such as, it is best to put a soft cloth.

6, if it is hot water cup or colored liquid, also try not to put in oak furniture surface, otherwise it will leave traces of it is difficult to remove, affect beautiful furniture surface.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody has had certain understanding to oak and mastered some knowledge

small make up recommend here in choosing a hotel furniture, choose some big brand hotel furniture, because of big brand hotel furniture is more reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, will help you understand that the advantages and disadvantages of oak.

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