The most common used to make solid wood furniture wood species

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-30
The most common used to produce solid wood bedroom furniture wood species with high quality wood is increasingly scarce and expensive, people began to use more available wood for making furniture. Today, more 'dirty' businessman with similar or even use process will be ordinary wood disguised as expensive wood cheat consumers. So we have to know a little about wood species identification method, oak wood, strong adaptability, refractory, or poor drought resistance, cold resistance is strong, ability to 50 ℃ low temperature. Like cold climate and neutral and acidic soil, usually in sunny dry slopes. The root of Mongolian oak, deep taproot developed, but not resistant to transplant. Teak advantages: rare wood, teak wood firm and durable, simple sense is good; Expansion shrinkage is least of all the wood; Teak in various environments is not easy to deformation, corrosion and cracking. Delicate texture; High oil content, with more and more smooth. Red sandalwood, native to subtropical areas, such as India and southeast Asia. Yunnan, guangdong and other places have a small amount of produce in our country. Wooden burnish, aromatic, with aroma, purplish brown, long open air after liberal arts crisscross, compact structure, strong corrosion resistance, durability, material qualitative hard heavy fine. Rosewood wait no aniseed, as the saying goes 'wingceltis ten nine empty'. Red sandalwood grow into big material, central part into the hollow, so rare rosewood furniture again on the material is also calculated. To take a look at the imperial palace, the royal red sandalwood a long narrow table, a foot wide surface or 3 makeup, even suggest that this kind of rare wood. Red sandalwood furniture is in addition to the carver overelaborate category, also have with light to create the material and does not have beautiful rhyme. So, and it's heavy furniture carving fine component can preliminary judgement for red sandalwood works. Ebony color black not texture, weight. Ebony sex is crisp, easy to crack, surface common finely small mouth, like the sun. Ebony wait no aniseed, ebony furniture also is not much, often with other wood, such as chrysanthemum pear, cortex phellodendri collocation to make furniture, a cold, warm, have a good effect. Brand solid wood furniture: WWW. dl - hf. Com related tags: brand solid wood furniture
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