The most appropriate window the depth of the desk?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-28
< / P> < P> the height of the table is commonly used in cm - 70 - General table mesa should stretch out metope between 80 cm, more than 30 cm, sit down the legs to feel comfortable. Window under the condition of depth is not enough, can design stage face plate, will extend table mesa out metope. Both to meet the functional requirements, and can ensure comfort. Let's take a look at a few relevant case: < / P> < P> using the wave window table can be a very good solution to the problem of depth, open the cabinet has a strong store content function and can solve the problem of sitting put foot uncomfortable; Wave window table at the same time can save a space, well meet plenty of light, in learning and can enjoy the scenery out of the window, match suspension column bookcase design more overall and practical. < / P> < P> combined with wave height window with short ark, cabinet put oneself in another's position at the same time adding outstanding cabinet body about 500 mm panel as a desktop, so it is very good use of the window, a learning space, at the same time around the design the bookcase of joining together into the overall reading, storage space, already beautiful practical. < / P> < P> window table can be fully used wave window space to satisfy the function of the study, work, this plan is to place short ark in gone with the wind the place of over 300 mm floating layer on its plate, convenient can very comfortable when you sit to place your feet, more accord with human body engineering. < / P> < P> the store content ark is placed in desk on or adornment ark, formed to float on the surface of the window to stand, and cohesion, with floating on the surface plate will be floating window surface integral picture, more aesthetic feeling on the vision.
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